Background Artist

Join the Awoostria team as a member of the Story Department if you are interested in telling stories and making a memorable con-going experience!
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Background Artist at Awoostria

Join the Awoostria team as a member of the Story Department if you are interested in telling stories that get people excited and make for a memorable con-going experience!

About the Story Department:

  • Our team includes a Lead, Deputy and different creative staff: A Story Editor, Character Artist, Background Artist, Voice Actors and Music Composer.

  • We are responsible for creating an engaging and memorable story experience for the con's attendants, breathing life into the titular “Mystery of the Blue Danube”.

Why become a Background Artist:

  • Help shape the style of a whole convention, having your art featured prominently around the whole con space and in interactive media.

  • Build your portfolio as an artist.

  • Be part of a diverse team of creatives building a cohesive story experience.

Your key responsibilities include:

  • Illustrating backgrounds to be used in digital and physical media.

  • Working closely with the writers and character artist to design an environment fitting the required visual/story beats.

What we expect:

  • Willingness to closely communicate digitally with the other team members to enable an iterative design process during the different stages of production.

  • Being able to show us a portfolio of your work, so we can assess if your style works with the theme of the story. Please provide such a sample when you sign up to be an artist for us.

If you are interested in helping us shape the “Mystery of the Blue Danube”, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact the department by sending a mail to [email protected] or via the contact page. Alternatively, you can contact @Volteer95 on Telegram.

What are you waiting for?
We are awaiting your application!

If you are enthusiastic about our this position and the responsibilities, we will be enthusiastic about your application!