We are Awoostria!

Awoostria is a non-profit furry event-group made in Austria.

Our first steps happened in 2022, when we first met up for a bowling night with friends. Later on, we found a lack of furry events in Austria, so we decided to gather up and organize our first fursuit walk. Since then, our journey went on up to furry meets and bigger events.

Now we stand in front of our newest and biggest challenge, a full-sized furry convention! We are committed to improving and growing with each and every event to provide our attendees the best experience possible.

Awoostria logo

Our mission

"Awoostria" stands for an event that brings people together and where you make unforgettable memories. 

We strive to provide the best possible events for the austrian and international furry community here in Austria!

Our values

As Awoostria, we value our neutrality towards everyone! But what do we mean by that exactly?

Be open!
Everyone is welcome to join us at our events! Regardless of gender, race or sexuality.
Be kind!
We want to make sure that everyone can have the full experience! If you experience negative things, we got your back!
Be supportive.
Our events should be available to each and everyone. It does not matter if you are able-bodied or have a disability!
Be inclusive!
Everyone should be able to understand what we're talking about! English is our main language here.
Be a community!
The furry community and also Awoostria would not be here without you, be part of this amazing community!
Have fun!
We hope this one does not need any further explanation.

Meet our team

We wouldn't be able to pull all of our events off without these fantastic people!

Interested in joining our team?

Open positions

  • Fursuit Support Volunteer
    Fursuit Support Volunteer
    Join the Awoostria team as Fursuit Support and be a crucial part of ensuring the happiness and safety of our fursuiters.
  • Security Volunteer
    Security Volunteer
    Join the Awoostria team as a Security Volunteer and play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of our con and attendees.
  • Charity & Art Show Volunteer
    Charity & Art Show Volunteer
    Join the Awoostria team as a Charity & Art Show Volunteer and actively contribute to our fundraising initiatives dedicated to making a meaningful impact.