Fursuit Support Volunteer

Join the Awoostria team as Fursuit Support and be a crucial part of ensuring the happiness and safety of our fursuiters.
Awoo Crew

Fursuit Support Volunteer: Ensuring Fursuiters' Wellbeing!

Join our Awoostria team as the Fursuit Support Volunteer and be a crucial part of ensuring the happiness and safety of our fursuiters. This role, which includes a lead, a deputy, and enthusiastic volunteers (which could be you), is all about maintaining the happiness and comfort of fursuiters.

About the Fursuit Support Team:

  • We are the friendly crew behind the scenes, committed to the wellbeing of fursuiters.

  • We offer essential support to make the experiences of fursuiters safe, comfortable, and most importantly: unforgettable.

Why join the Fursuit Support Team:

  • Join a passionate team responsible for the safety and enjoyment of fursuiters.

  • Get the chance to immersive yourself further in the furry community, meet new faces, and gain valuable experience.

  • Whether you're new to volunteering or have previous convention experience, we welcome your enthusiasm!

Your key responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring fursuiters stay hydrated with our water service.

  • Overseeing the fursuit lounge, making it a welcoming and well-equipped space.

  • Support the management of fursuit lockers, providing a simple but secure storage solution.

What we expect:

  • Dedication during the convention as you work alongside your fellow volunteers.

  • Willingness to lend a hand during setup and breakdown – your help is greatly appreciated.

Ready to ensure the wellbeing of our fursuiters? If you're enthusiastic about making fursuiters experiences safe and enjoyable at Awoostria, we'd love to have you on board as a Fursuit Support Volunteer! Please send an email to [email protected], or contact the HR department via our contact page.

What are you waiting for?
We are awaiting your application!

If you are enthusiastic about our this position and the responsibilities, we will be enthusiastic about your application!