Con Ops: Section Front Desk Volunteer

Join the Awoostria team as a ConOps Front Desk Volunteer and become an essential part of our Convention Operations crew.
Awoo Crew

ConOps Volunteer: Keeping Awoostria Running Smoothly!

Join the Awoostria team as a Con Ops Volunteer and become an essential part of our Convention Operations crew. As part of this dedicated team, you'll play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the convention and assisting attendees with their inquiries, including Awoostria merchandise.

About the Con Ops Department:

  • Our team includes a Lead, Deputy, and enthusiastic Volunteers.

  • We are the go-to point for attendees, responsible for answering questions, providing information, and overseeing Awoostria merchandise.

Why become a ConOps Front Desk Volunteer:

  • Help keep Awoostria running smoothly by assisting attendees and ensuring they have a great experience.

  • Work closely with a passionate team dedicated to the operation and success of the convention.

  • Whether you have prior experience or are new to convention operations, your willingness to help is highly valued.

Your Responsibilities Include:

  • Providing information and assistance to attendees regarding the convention, schedules, Lost and Found and Awoostria merchandise.

  • Collaborating with your team to manage the Con Ops area and ensure it's well-organized and efficient.

  • Assisting with merchandise sales, inventory, and addressing attendee inquiries.

What We Expect:

  • Dedication during the convention, working closely with your team to provide excellent support to attendees.

  • Willingness to assist with setup and breakdown – your contribution is vital at all stages of the event.

Ready to be the face of Awoostria's Convention Operations? If you're enthusiastic about helping attendees and ensuring the smooth operation of the convention, we'd love to have you on board as a Con Ops Volunteer! Please send us an email to [email protected], or contact the HR department via our contact page.

What are you waiting for?
We are awaiting your application!

If you are enthusiastic about our this position and the responsibilities, we will be enthusiastic about your application!