Graphics Volunteer

Join the Awoostria team as a Graphics Volunteer and use your creative skills to shape the visual identity of our convention.
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Graphics Volunteer: Perfecting Awoostria's Brand Identity!

Join the Awoostria team as a Graphics Volunteer and use your creative skills to shape and perfectionate the brand identity of our convention. As part of our graphics department, you'll be responsible for various design-related tasks, including creating social media images, banners, badge designs, and more.

About the Graphics Department:

  • Our team includes a Lead, Deputy, and creative Volunteers.

  • We are the artists behind Awoostria's visual identity, responsible for designing various materials that enhance the convention's image.

Why Become a Graphics Volunteer:

  • Contribute to the convention's visual appeal by creating eye-catching and engaging designs.

  • Collaborate with a passionate team dedicated to maintaining a cohesive and attractive visual identity for Awoostria.

  • Whether you're an experienced graphic designer or have a passion for design, your creativity is highly valued.

Your Responsibilities Include:

  • Designing promotional materials, such as social media images, banners, badges, and more.

  • Collaborating with your team to ensure consistent and appealing visual elements throughout the convention.

  • Meeting design deadlines and assisting with any graphics-related tasks as needed.

What We Expect:

  • Dedication during the convention, working closely with your team to create visually appealing materials.

  • Willingness to adapt your designs to suit various aspects of the convention – your versatility is appreciated.

Ready to perfectionate Awoostria's visual identity? If you're enthusiastic about graphic design and want to contribute your creative talents to our convention, we'd love to have you on board as a Graphics Volunteer! Please send us an email to [email protected], or contact the HR department via our contact page.

What are you waiting for?
We are awaiting your application!

If you are enthusiastic about our this position and the responsibilities, we will be enthusiastic about your application!