Meet the next Guests of Honor for Awoostria 24!

Here comes the reveal of the next Guests of Honor.

Meet Our next Guests of Honor - Ash Coyote & Chip Fox!

We are excited to have Ash Coyote and Chip Fox join us at Awoostria 24! Known for their amazing Documentary "The Fandom" , Ash and Chip add a creative touch to the convention.

"Ash Coyote and Chip Fox are furry filmmakers who launched a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the furry fandom. Ash directed and Chip produced 'The Fandom Season 1' on Ash's YouTube channel, which covered popular topics within the furry fandom. This series paved the way for 'The Fandom', an award-winning documentary that delves into the history and cultural significance of the furry community. They also created 'Hero', a documentary short film featuring Hero's journey battling cancer and finding joy in the furry fandom.

Currently, they are developing 'The Fandom Season 2', which will explore lesser-known aspects of the furry fandom. Their distinctive filmmaking approach is characterized by a focus on the lived experiences within the furry and LGBT communities."

Look forward to interactive panels, and much more created by this dynamic duo!

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Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!