Introducing the "Voices of Austria" program!

Introducing, Voices of Austria...

Exciting Announcement!

Introducing the "Voices of Austria" program, where every year, we want to uplift a local talent's voice. Fursuit makers, artists, content creators, be aware – you could be next! <3

Our first Voice is WHSPRS! 🎶🦊

"WHSPRS creates music about digital, non-traditional love. The virtual fox comes from the queer community of the metaverse and finds inspiration in friendships and heartbreak in virtual reality. His blend of pop-rock tunes incorporates heartfelt and introverted lyrics about growing up in a borderless, digitalised world. The musician plays live at the world's biggest VR festivals (including Furality), performs at international events (Megaplex Florida, Confuzzled Birmingham, Nordic Fuzz Con Malmö...) and has made a name for himself in an underground virtual world which is becoming a reality for a growing number of individuals. WHSPRS aims to tell stories of this digital existence and how virtual reality touches human (and animal) hearts."

Expect live music, panels, mischief, and more from this talented Fox during Awoostria2024!

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Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!