Dance Competition Rules

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The dance competition rules are an extension of Awoostria’s Rules of Conduct and Terms & Conditions.

Competitor Responsibilities

As the center of attention, all competitors are responsible for maintaining certain norms, that will not tarnish the internal and external judgment of Awoostria:

  • The competitors must keep their acting to PG-13: That means but is not limited to the prohibition of fetish gears, damaging stage assets intentionally, and unreasonably prolonged scandalous acting.

  • The competitors must provide a song/mix to the event team, that has to be between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes long, in MP3 or WAV format.

  • The song/mix must also be radio-friendly. That means censored swearing, no hate speech, no prolonged over-sexualized sounds, etc.

  • The competitor must not use their stage time for advertising.

  • All competitors must join a dedicated temporary Telegram group shared by the event team, where they can interact with the event organizers before and during the event.

  • Awoostria offers all competitors a main rehearsal to get familiar with the stage and the host before the event. Since there is no required audition process, we would like to use this opportunity to approve all performances. Participation in the main rehearsal is optional, but highly recommended. Wearing a fursuit for the main rehearsal is also optional.


This is a FURSUIT dance competition, any other forms of costume will not be allowed. As a minimum requirement, all competitors must wear a fursuit head.

  • Poodling is not allowed: All competitors’ human skin must be completely hidden. Partial fursuits are allowed as long as this rule is followed.

  • Your fursuit should stay on you on stage (that is before, during, and after the performance (max. 10 minutes), and group stage dance (around 10 minutes)). The only exceptions are medical emergencies. To avoid this case from ever happening, please make sure your fursuit is not a health hazard to you while performing increased physical activities.

  • Props and Accessories, Alternative fursuits must be discussed with the event team in all cases. As a rule of thumb: if you are unsure whether your appearance is appropriate for the event, please contact us.