Relaxed Dress Code

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Certain events may implement a “Relaxed Dress Code” policy, enabling participants to don attire usually restricted on the venue. Unless expressly specified otherwise, all regulations outlined in the Rules of Conduct must be adhered to.

KINK IS NOT CONSENT! Make sure that you ask before touching, and keep in mind that real or simulated sex acts are not allowed - if you want to get hot and heavy, it’s time to take it to your room. For safety reasons and if applicable, you must hold your own leash.

What is allowed

  • Pup hoods & pup gear

  • Latex, Rubber, Lycra, Spandex, and Leather. However, using any kind of oil, including silicone oil etc., is not allowed.

  • Murrsuits

  • Motocross, protector gear

  • ABDL gear - Keep it clean and odourless

  • Harnesses

  • Naked from the waist up - Nipples of any gender are fine, as are bras, binders, and other upper-body underwear.

  • Balloons - Please don’t pop them as people might get scared

  • Underpants (e.g. jocks, briefs, thongs, swimwear) may only be worn above or underneath other clothing, and not as the only layer of clothing.

What is NOT allowed?

  • Cameras

  • Clothing with spikes or any sharp objects

  • Gas masks and airtight hoods

  • Whips, paddles

  • Sexual interactions

  • Collars designed to cause choking or restrict breathing

  • Strong odour

  • Visible genitals (either on purpose or accidental)

  • Fake genitals

  • Wearing or using penetrative toys

  • Visible kinks in public space/on the way to the area

Security reserves the right to ask any person to change their dress for any reason at any time. No discussion. Failure to comply will result in an expulsion from the event.